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2015-04-20 - 7:35 p.m. Reading my old entries is like cracking open Pandora's Box—frightening—like watching a horror flick with your hands glued to your face and on occasion when you muster up enough courage and curiosity to fork open your hands to take a peek... The me at present almost wants to cradle my past self and tell her that she will be okay and that that boy you've spent entries upon entries about has carved his way into my present and sometimes it isn't always a happy ending, but it isn't always an ending either. Maybe my past self would have wanted it this way. Him in my life no matter what.

I've kept this journal since 2005 practically, however I can't really say I have been faithful. My ever changing nature has cause me to vacillate between lj (2 accounts), melodramatic, but NEVER Xanga. Okay maybe I had brief flirtation with it when it was all the rage, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Too much Manga and glitter and annoying mouse cursors.

They say when you start thinking about the beginning, its the end. I need to sit on this awhile.



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